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Autism facts and myths generate the facts and statistics about autism to help know autism fast facts and get rid of autism facts. autism facts and myths that generate the facts and statistics about autism to help about know autism fast facts and get rid of autism facts. There is a rumor that autism

There is a rumor that autism is caused by vaccines but in modern days scientists found that vaccines don’t cause autism.

Knowing about autism is necessary for the parents of a child with autism. Here are some autism facts that parents should know about their child.

(Autism Facts and myths)The behaviors that we’ve seen:

There are so many things that a child with autism faces in everyday life.

A 12 years old boy with autism always claps whenever he is excited and in his free time. He does this repetitively every single time when he is alone. He also changes his voice when he is talking alone in a weird way. He runs for no reason while he is not playing or not doing any type of activity. He spells the name rhythmically which names are similar to him.

Autism Facts
Autism facts

Another 14-year-old boy who has a hyperactivity problem does bad things like beating kids, brutally using toys, and also not using toys for playing. When anyone warns him not to do those he gets the point but after some time he forgets everything.

A girl 6 years old also has a low IQ at the age of 6 she has an IQ of 2-2.5 years old child. Doesn’t make eye contact. Her biggest problem was the communication problem her parent was worried about her knowing her daily life routine.

There is a common problem in every child with autism that they don’t make eye contact with the speaker while the speaker is speaking or they don’t listen to any words the speaker is saying to them.

They had that tendency to hart themselves to grab attention. We called them the desperate ones.

(Autism Facts) Their conditions after 3 months of intervention: Positive autism facts

The intervention program was for 3 months institutional and they got the group intervention and private intervention both and the result was miraculous.

At first, some parents lose their hopes in their child then the process started and start progressing. That clappy boy almost stopped his annoying behavior. Still have that voice tuning behavior but it also started progressing.

Hyperactive one already turned into normal by the special diet and behavior therapy. Now he started to listen. Even he started his regular student carrier.

And the girl with communication problems started to respond after ending of intervention now she can talk 2 words at a time. She can do some of her daily life routine work by herself.

About Autism
Autism Fact

(Autism Facts) Conclusion of parent’s thoughts:

Most of the time when parents know their children have (ASD) they have been broken into pieces. Their first reaction is “why us?”. It is a matter of time to feel the improvement in your child through intervention programs. If you have a child with autism now you know how to handle the intervention and find a good intervention manager for your child.

In every process, the first step is the long and difficult one and every treatment process like autism takes time to show the result. The interaction between the trainer and the children takes time it can take too long but after when children feel comfortable with their trainer they start to listen to them and the magic happens.

Actually, it’s up to you to set a goal for your children and reach there. You have to take every step very immediately and carefully. Though it is a challenge to know when is the perfect time to take any step forward or backward.

There are many situations when it comes to IQ training trainers have to take a step backward to start correctly and to know their learning pattern or the pattern they use to solve a puzzle. Autism facts are very sensitive and flexible for these reasons.

After 3 months of intervention parents of all children are hopeful for their children. Their children now developing day by day. So when you know your child has autism you need to hold yourself together and try to calm down this is not easy as I say but this is the first step you took for your children with (ASD).

(Autism Facts)Imitation learning:

Most young kids area unit natural mimics. They copy what they see their oldsters do; they copy the sounds and also the gestures their oldsters build and also the words they say; they even copy however their oldsters walk and dress. Autism facts they typically favor imitating alternative children-especially their brothers and sisters, likewise as youngsters United Nations agency area unit constant age or a bit older and whom they admire.

Imitation could be a powerful learning tool for all people. Our brain area unit started to recollect and learn from looking at others, and youngsters bear in mind what they see others do for a protracted time, even while not active.

This suggests that kids will imitate an action straight off when seeing somebody else perform it, as within the typically spontaneous games that even the youngest kids play with siblings, friends, and fogeys. However, they’ll conjointly imitate it later, as a result of they bear in mind what they need determined.

This special capability involves North American country partially through brain cells known as mirror neurons, that link actions that we have a tendency to see others do to our own action patterns.

With the assistance of mirror neurons, in an exceedingly means we have a tendency to really experience what we have a tendency to see others do: Mirror neurons fireplace within the brain each when we perform an action and once we see it performed.

Autism facts
Autism facts

This means that to a minimum to a degree, a brand new action becomes an area of an observer’s skill set before the observer really imitates it. This can be however we have a tendency to learn by looking and memory.
However, we have a tendency to conjointly learn by doing. So the seedling of a talent that resides within the child’s brain as a result of the kid has watched and remembered that talent in action becomes additional totally learned once the kid starts golf stroke it into action herself.

autism facts and myths

Autism Facts

Children’s neural capability for imitation lets oldsters, siblings, grandparents, et al pass learning on to kids while not even attempting or brooding about it.
Skills of every kind get passed from person to person, across generations, in an easy fashion that enables every generation to start out wherever the last one left off rather than beginning over.

Many of us believe that imitation and language along area unit what have created the surprisingly advanced, made cultures that folks everywhere the world have developed over thousands of years.

(Autism Facts)

Autism facts
Autism facts

Imitation is a particularly powerful tool for learning the way to act socially with others. This can be a result of social behavior involving several advanced and delicate rules, several of that we’ve not consciously thought of. For instance, once we area unit interacting with others, we have a tendency to naturally knowledge way or shut we must always stand excluding the opposite person; we have a tendency to unconsciously imitate the opposite person’s facial expressions and gestures; and that we time our responses in order that the oral communication contains a natural ebb and flow.

Children’s nearly automatic imitation of others affects them in myriad ways in which. Once kids (and adults) see another person’s expression and emotions, their mirror neurons fireplace, permitting them to feel the opposite person’s feelings.

Once they imitate another person’s countenance, they really return to feel that feeling likewise, permitting them to share the opposite person’s inner feelings. Have you ever ever watched individuals’ faces once they area unit looking an emotional film? You’ll be able to see the emotions of the actors vie out on the faces of the people looking at the movie.

This ability to be showing emotion connected to others through imitation happens even in toddlers.

Every parent should know the autism facts that communication is a challenge to your child so never skip any of the ways to teach your child about normal people’s behavior. It will take so much time but in the end, you will reach your goal. When they catch the learning process or be used to their trainer they will learn fast.

(Autism facts) Reward Training:

When they found something that interests them they will take the first step. This is the autism fact that they are very choosy about almost everything.

Most of the time they love chocolate so here is a trick to give them a reward for their every good word what they do by your call. But be careful to add too much chocolate to their diet chart.

This trick generates intervention programs and helps to reach goals faster.

We’ve seen sometimes their parents become the intervention trainer for them by the reward technique. Parents should be aware of every single intervention program where is it taking them and their children.

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